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Technology Department
School District #46
Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

School District 46 iCal Subscription URLs
Here is a list of the public events calendars for all schools in School District 46To subscribe to these calendars from within iCal follow the instructions below.

VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT CLICK ON THE URL BELOW OR PASTE THE URLS INTO A BROWSER as this will cause the calendar to be installed improperly.

It is very important that the instructions below are followed.

First: Open iCal
-click on the menu item “calendar” up at the top
-click on Subscribe – a dropdown window appears
-copy and paste the URL for your school from the list of URLs below theseinstructions into the “Calendar URL:” box and then click on subscribe
-In the window that follows accept all defaults except:

1/ location: must be "on my mac"

2/ uncheck: alarms, attachments, and todo items (alerts, attachments,reminders if you are using Mac OS Lion)

3/ change autorefresh from "no" to "every hour"-click on "ok"

If you have any problems please contact the Technical Support Department.

Calendar URLs:

Last Modified: Oct 06, 2014